Two Fundamental Facts

1 . The sole purpose of a CV is to get you an interview.

  Everything about the document you submit should be focused on this end.

2.  You are unique.

  Your skills, knowledge, experience, ethos, values and personality are unique.

  Your CV should make this patently obvious to anyone who is lucky enough to read it.

How I can Help You ?


Having been on both sides of the recruitment fence on many occasions, I have acquired a deep knowledge of how to write one that will really grab the reader’s attention

A CV is an Advertisement

My decades in marketing have given me the skills, knowledge and experience to help my clients to create something unique that will present them in the best possible light

Recent Result

A very senior manager client received his ideal job offer just 10 days after he submitted the CV to a recruitment company

Do You Need My Help?


You are a senior manager capable of holding down a well-paid and responsible job, so why should you employ me when you can perfectly well do this by yourself?


But can you do it yourself and produce something that will get you the interview and potentially the job or just, if you are lucky, another ‘thank you for your application but….?

Look hard at your current CV

Ask yourself how many other applicants would be submitting something pretty equivalent

What is so special about
what I am offering?

Spoiled for Choice!

There are plenty of agencies who offer a CV writing service on the internet, why shouldn’t you use one of these?

That depends what You’re looking for?

Do you want your CV to a perfectly serviceable production vehicle produced to a formula, or a tailor made top of the range model created by a very senior manager specifically for you?

Isn’t that going to be expensive?

Surely, the real question here is, “what is it worth to improve your chances of getting in front someone to demonstrate why you are the right person for the job?

The Next Step

I get immense satisfaction in helping people with their careers, and if any of the above strikes a chord and you think I might be able to help you with your CV, then call me on 01494 721257 or 07747 024577 for an initial conversation. I will explain my deeper and different process and you can decide whether my services are right for you.

The CV Professor AKA Peter Henry FCIM

Peter Henry - The CV Professor

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